MicW will introduce the 3D microphone at NAMM 2015

MicW will introduce the 3D microphone at NAMM 2015, Anaheim, California, USA

Microphone manufacturerset to unveil i3DMicTMnew 3D microphone

Beijing, China, 5th Jan 2015 Microphone manufacturer MicW Audio will expand its revolutionary i-Series of microphones with the launch of i3DMicTMthe new 3D microphone at NAMM 2015 in Anaheim, which will be held at the booth HA 6901 Anaheim Convention Centre January 22nd – 25th, 2015. Designed for use with GoPro cameras, video cameras, digital voice recorder and other recording devices, the pair of high-quality, compact, omnidirectional mics is a perfect solution for perfectly simulating the human binaural auditory sensation. It will give you a fantastic feeling of live sense. Welcome to the booth to feel the special experience.

Also featuring at NAMM 2015, MicW’s package of N series professional microphones. N-seires microphones containing nickel diaphragm capsules derived from parent company BSWA’s leading-edge technology. A 5μm-thick membrane, mounted in a stainless steel housing, is optimized and manual stretched to enable the best transmission and deliver an extremely natural, transparent sound with very high fidelity.

Other products on display include the MicW iGoMicTM stereo microphone, which just won the Digital Camera Grand Prix 2015 Gold Prize in Japan. Specially designed for GoPro cameras and video cameras. And M series of calibrated measurement microphones. Specially designed for a variety of audio measurement purposes, the series reflects MicW and parent company BSWA’s extensive experience in manufacturing measurement mics for industrial use. Fully compliant with relevant IEC standards, the M416 is suitable for simple sound fields such as home studios and hi-fi rooms, while the M215 has applications in professional audio environments such as theaters, recording studios, control room design and stage acoustics.

Visit MicW Audio in HA 6901.

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