MicW Launched New Professional Software NoiseLab iOS

The development of NoiseLab software is based on the high precision measurement system, which is designed according to the requirements of sound level meter and the advantages of mobile touch screen platform. With high-precision external microphone, such as i437L and other Lighting interface microphone, fully meet environmental protection, automobile and product noise test. Professional version software has the function of octave module, real-time testing, statistics and comparison.

The Characteristics of the software are:
1. Start-up is measured, real-time frequency weight, time weight settings to meet the majority of users of simple reading requirements;
2. Spectrum analysis function, support 1 / N Octave and spectrum integral calculation;
3. Combination of 3 kinds of frequency meter weight, time detection, multi-thread testing;
4. Calibration function, can be adjusted manually or corrected by the calibrator (external standard measurement microphone required) ;
5. Sound pressure level data, spectrum data can be saved, published and shared in social software.

In the near future, we will enlarge the function of FFT and reverberation time in the software.

Scan the Code in the image below or search for NoiseLab in the APP Store, enjoy your time with our innovative software.

Please search "NoiseLab" in the Apple Store for download.









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