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SIMON TILLBROOK is the Principal Music Tutor at Islington Music Workshop in London. The rest of his time is spent as a freelance engineer, mainly in the USA.


I have just received a small sturdy plastic carry box with the name MicW on the top containing a pair of small microphones. A little investigation into the name informed me that these microphones had come from a Chinese company called BSWA Technology who has been based in Beijing since 1998.

The company has been involved in producing precision test equipment, including test and calibration microphones, for other manufacturers for many years. This experience has led the company to produce its own range of high-end microphones under the brand MicW.Mic W N201 Condenser Microphone


In the case, we have a pair of MicW N201 omni-directional condenser microphones.

Although you can purchase these microphones individually, here we have a matched pair for stereo use. MicW says that the microphones supplied in this paired form match within 0.5dB in sensitivity and phase match within five degrees.

Each N201 is individually calibrated for use as a measurement microphone meeting IEC61672 Class 1 standards, and goes through a high temperature ageing process to give long-term reliability and stability.

The N201 has a 12.7mm capsule at the end of the familiar looking 155mm long pen style body. It has a low inherent noise level of 18dB (A-weighted) and a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz, with a slight 2-3dB lift peaking at around 10kHz. The N201 can withstand a maximum SPL of 130dB with less than one percent total harmonic distortion.

There are a number of accessories that you can use with the N201. None of these were available to me during testing, but they include windshields, capsule protectors, and modifiers. These modifiers alter the acoustic qualities of the microphone in terms of high and low frequency response along with the polar pattern.

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